Christmas car loan gift

At the beginning of November, I could only think about what I would be financing Christmas gifts this year, and the big lunches and parties during the holidays.Unfortunately, I managed to overbook last year, so I had to touch up my committed reserve.

This year, by no means did I want it to happen


So I decided to go the other way. I started searching the Internet to find out what opportunities I had. I have heard that if I have my own unladen vehicle, I can take a quick spin on it. I also typed the keywords into the search engine.

I found a website where I read about it and even had a quick credit calculator on the site. I tried it. I liked it. I called the phone number and asked for verbal information. A receptionist picked up the phone. He said what were the conditions for borrowing. I found out that there is a two-step review process.

This means that in the first round


The financing bank wants me to be creditworthy, and in the second round, through a free health check, I make sure that the collateral, that is, the vehicle, is in a financial condition. There was no one left, I got into it. The next day at my workplace, I sought an employer certificate, scanned it, and emailed it to the credit administrator, along with the kind of questionnaire he had sent me before. I was a little worried about whether I was creditworthy, even though I was aware that I was not on the bar list, so it couldn’t be an obstacle.

The whole afternoon was full of excitement, but finally my phone rang. The clerk was on the line and reassured me that everything was fine with my credit. He informed me that the car’s assessment could now come. A quarter of an hour later, the surveyor had called to arrange an appointment and a venue. We met at eight o’clock the next morning and finished the photos and measurements in fifteen minutes.

The bank accepted my credit request

The bank accepted my credit request

I was excited about the result, which was born that afternoon. The bank accepted my credit request. I was very happy that, because I live close to the office, I went in and signed the contract.

I took with me what they were asking for, a record, personal papers, my original employer certificate, and two thousand or three hundred forints for the record office option entry they had made. By noon the next day, my car was officially on loan and the bank transferred the credit to my bank account. Christmas is over.

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