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In uBest Finances we help you sign the best online mortgages in the Spanish market , selecting the best mortgage brokerage companies in Spain. Our users make sure to hire a serious, experienced mortgage broker, selected based on quality criteria and mortgage knowledge. uBest Finances economists and lawyers guide users to find the best online mortgage at their fingertips.


The best online mortgage

The best online mortgage

The year 2019 is a good year to hire a cheap online mortgage. And one of the best years in history to request a fixed rate online mortgage. The CEO of the company, Ceb Anku, is an economist specializing in financial products whose professional career in the field of banking, mortgage brokerage and online finance allows us to affirm that you will be in good hands .

When requesting an online mortgage you have to take into account :

The amount we need with respect to the appraisal value. As of May 2019, we can only finance 100% of the purchase price. Depending on the type of contract and the state of the mortgage market at any time, it is even possible to access a 100% mortgage plus expenses.

The nominal interest offered to us: if it is a fixed rate mortgage, with the nominal interest we will know the monthly installment we will pay during the entire term of the debt; If it is a variable rate mortgage, the fee will change at each review. The APR interest will help us get an idea of ​​the effective cost, although each bank takes different parameters that distort the comparison. With the nominal interest and the term the quota can be calculated, with our mortgage calculator or with the simulators of the Daisy Bank.

The commissions, which are basically the opening, the compensation for withdrawal (before commission for early cancellation) and, in fixed-rate mortgages, the compensation for interest rate risk.

Associated products, which may increase the effective cost of the mortgage. Home insurance is not mandatory, although it is very necessary, nor is life insurance. These two insurances, however, plus the direct debit of the payroll, are usually an obligation demanded by many banks to grant us the mortgage. Keep in mind that the insurance offered by banks is more expensive than their peers contracted with mediators or directly from insurers.

The additional guarantees required, as guarantors or double additional guarantees. Very important to be clear that the guarantor responds with all its assets, present and uBeste.

Mortgages with land clause, interest rate hedges or foreign currency loans are other types of clauses that must only be signed with the proper advice of a professional outside the bank.


Information on online mortgages

Information on online mortgages

If you are looking for information related to mortgages in Spain, we offer you:

  • Our blog with analysis of mortgage news and personal finances.
  • A free mortgage forum where to comment and ask mortgage and financial experts.
  • In-depth analysis of mortgage issues, in addition to issues related to investments and other economic issues. So you can search for information in our personal finance section and in frequently asked questions and answers.


Mortgage counseling

Mortgage counseling

If you do not need a mortgage broker to manage your mortgage, since you have the time and knowledge to do it on your own, but you are looking for an economist or lawyer to analyze the binding offer, minute or draft of the mortgage loan and inform you and assess the Financial and non-financial clauses that you will sign before a notary, do not hesitate to request an appointment online or in person by sending an email to our experts.

Having a second expert mortgage opinion costs very little money and saves you worries before, during and after the signing of the mortgage loan before a notary.


Online mortgage with uBest Finances

Online mortgage with Futur Finances

We are dedicated to contacting users looking for an online mortgage with the best mortgage brokers in the market. Our work consists of:

  1. Capture customer information and guide it.
  2. Transfer this information to a professional mortgage broker who meets all the requirements of the Law, which will be the company that will process the mortgage.
  3. At all times the client derived by uBest Finances will have our support and guidance, despite not being the entity that processes the mortgage.

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