Wrapp app promises money for shopping

Wrapp is a Swedish mobile app that provides you with a payment method advantage. It itself uses the name “app” and is directly linked to your debit or credit card.

Because the app is directly linked to your credit card, for example, money can travel seamlessly back and forth: first by paying off the promotional product you saw on the wrapp card and then back to your wrappin account as a cashback or purchase credit.

What is Wrapp? 

What is Wrapp? 

When you pay with your card, Wrapp offers you personalized offers, rewards and stamps based on your purchases. Wrapp was previously released in Sweden and now it has come to Finland. H&M and Clas Ohlson from Sweden are already participating in the program, while R-kiosks, Apple Hotels and the Adlibris online bookstore from Finland. More is reportedly coming soon after the turn of the year, when the action is properly kicked off.

Wrapp is available for Android and iOS.

How does Wrapp work?

How does Wrapp work?

  1. Download the app
  2. Sign in to apps with your bank ID. At the same time, you connect your card to the application
  3. Browse the deals that interest you
  4. Buy a promotional item using your card
  5. You will get the product
  6. You will receive money back to your account as agreed

Wrapp is an application that is downloaded to a smart device, such as a pad or cellphone. You can use the app to browse Wrapp affiliate offers that can be redeemed with a card – and card only.

Thus, the Wrapp application only displays promotional offers from affiliates and is only available if you make a purchase with a card that Wrapp has partnered with. In Finland, Wrapp has a partnership with Nordea, and soon it will be possible to add Aktia cards to the application as well.

Elsewhere in the world, you can also add Good Credit Bank cards to your Wrapp application, but no information is yet available on possible cooperation in Finland.

Would you like to attach a credit card to Wrapp? You can compare credit cards on our site in a convenient and free way. Compare to ensure you get the best credit card for you!

Note that simply removing the card from the application and deleting the application is not sufficient if you want to stop using the application completely. If you want to permanently delete your account and information, you will need to contact the company via email.

Take advantage of Wrapp benefits

Take advantage of Wrapp benefits

Once you have used your Wrapp card to pay for your offer, Wrapp will automatically pay you back to your account according to the offer. In other words, the offer works a bit like the S Group bonus system: You don’t get the product cheaper right away, but cash back into your account. You will receive a refund within 1 to 7 days of purchase.

Wrapp benefits can usually be taken advantage of outside the application, such as online shops and stone shops. However, be sure to check the offer conditions before you enter the stone shop, as the offer conditions may vary.

Stamp cards, for example, are such a service most often used outside the application. The Stamp Card is activated in the app when you pay with a card attached to the app to a cafe or restaurant that works with Wrapp and the like.

When your purchase exceeds a certain amount of money, you will automatically receive a stamp on your digital card. Once you receive 6 stamps from the same location, you will automatically receive a refund to your account.

Targeted Advertising


According to Reraplev, founder and CEO of Wrapp, over 100,000 users in Sweden (currently around 120,000 in Sweden) have already been given permission to use their information for targeted marketing and advertising. This is aimed at getting users interested in offers and at the same time avoiding unnecessary spoofs for advertisers and thus saving on their marketing costs.

Wrapp is designed to benefit all parties: from the merchant, the consumer, the banks, and of course Wrapp itself. Consumers get benefits and offers that interest them. The merchant gets a new marketing platform, while banks get people to focus their spending on a single card. Banks also get their share of the commission, which app collects for themselves purchases from customer companies.

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